EvilKris here. English teacher by day, game coder by night. This is my game-programming journal and portfolio of existing projects. So far I have yet to fully complete any of my games but a number of prototypes can be found here for those of you who would like to take a peek.

Mostly I go for action/arcade games so anyone who fancies a 3d isometric rpg engine won't find one on here. However, should you be into scrolling fighters, 1st person shooters, or generally any class of game that requires nimble fingered dexterity, you might not have to look any further.

I find Flash to be the medium of choice. It's close to useless for making 3d games in, but for 2d games, it's fundamentally one of the best game-creation tools out there and does half the job for you most days.

I make games out of nostalgia and desire to replicate those happy memories of my teens. Now that I'm a little older, spend less time chasing chicks, my geeky new hobby is taking old games and redesigning them myself. Currently I'm working on the classic Nexus for the C64. They'll be a demo on here somewhere.


I'd like to apologise first as, due to this blog being hosted on a freebie geocities, there's only so much bandwidth on offer, and as a result, some of you may have to keep retrying every hour if it reaches it's limits. (Hey, I'm getting hosted reeeealll soon).

HOUSE OF SPLATTER - 1st Person Gunnery

I shamelessly decompiled and ripped quite of lot of stuff from other Flash games out there whilst making House of Splatter (though one could argue their stuff was already from other games anyhow!). If it ever makes it past the prototype stage I'll change all that, but for now enjoy what is available.

In the game you are supposedly Rick from the game Splatterhouse, and the stage is set prior to his reincarnation as the mad hockey-mask sporting nut job who goes around battering zombies to death.

Umm..there's not a lot you can do here except shoot zombies till the cows come home. Oh! And you can die if you let one get too close.


Mouse moves the crosshair.

R - Reload


- Scrolling Streetfighter/Mortal Kombat rip

Since nobody has made one yet, I thought it would be awesome to have a Streetfighter game in the mould of Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

You take on the role as Ryu out to seek his revenge on Akuma for the murder of Ryu's mentor and father-figure Gouken. Instead of it being a boring one-screen SFII clone, it's a scrolling fighter. At it's present stage, it has a functional fight engine (though the moves are more akin to Mortal Kombat in structure), and you can fight a never-ending horde of Sub-Zero's each complete with the most basic AI ever conceived. I've actually two versions planned. The first is a simple game such as you see here, where you have to beat progressively harder enemies until you can take on the boss, and another far more ambitious project with Ryu able to leap around platforms like Strider.

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