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Here are the other bosses that have been created so far;


A pyscho based on LeatherFace who tries to carve you up with a chainsaw. EvilK is a shite name for a game boss, but leaves no mystery as to which flash coder authored the original game, in the case of E.Baum or another criminal stealing it and claiming property rights. The showdown with EvilK is 100% complete already, and I'm 98% happy with it. You fight him in a dark cave, and I've used an actionscript generated tint to colour him black so that you only see him when he comes running out of the shadows. It works suprisingly well, and has the desired effect of scaring the poo out of you on first sight. He also has a blood-curdling scream to go along with the ear-ripping chainsaw sounds. (Update 8/2010 'EvilK' became 'Project K' in 'THE INSANITY 1 & 2'


Lucifer is a demon that was accidentally raised by a necromancer who foolishly believed he had will enough to master. Unfortunately for him, he raised a sovereign monster far beyond his control and was slaughtered. Lucifer is a quick boss that grows wings in his second stage of battle, and can also raise other creatures to his aid. He doesn't have any special weak points, unlike Snakeman or EvilK- you simply have to be nimble with the mouse to catch him under the crosshair.

Lucifer has been rendered but I've yet to get him into code. I figure after he's done I'll tweak the game up, see what the public thinks, and then maybe make a few more levels if it's popular.

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On 4:13 PM , Anonymous said...

Hey that 'DAMNED' game is looking superb. First Flash game to hold my attention for more than 5 minutes.
Nice difficulty level.

Keep it coming Kris.