Title Screen

-have to implement some global variables to record the users score and remaining credits. That's it.

Level 1

Level 2

-I have to play around with the zombies on the second level because for some reason (I think there's some aft code in there somewhere) they cause it run with a terrible lag.
-Fix Evil.K's death sequences.

Level 3
-Lucifer is half-finished and already implemented in the game. However I want to have a 'transformed' Lucifer where he flies around attacking you, instead of running on foot. Working on the mesh at present.
-Level needs more gore.
-Death scenes for all enemies.

The Damned is truly nearing completion. All 3 levels are quite fleshed out now, and are loading nicely into a placeholder mc on the title screen, and all in all I'd say it was about a month and a half from going beta to alpha.

I of all people know it's not a perfect game. It's a bit sparse in places and doesn't feel like there's enough action going on, but I'm quite satisfied with it as a first-time game. I'm reaching the point where I'm ready to move onto the next project, which at the moment in my head is a remake of the C64 classic Samurai Warrior. The Damned 2 will come soon in the future though, and it will absolutely blow away the first one.

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