Yes, it's true. The dude hath returned.
Yeah it's been awhile but I figured I'd pop my head in. Why the absence? Frankly, no particular reason other than laziness. Well, to write I mean, not in relation to coding games. In fact, if you take a peek over to the right hand side you'll see that not only have I shaken up the sidebar design a little but there is also two new demos for your perusal.
They're both taken from a new series of games

The poor reception of Bounty Hunter around the net kind of took the wind of my sails and soiled my desire to continue with the whole space sim theme, so instead I turned to sports. I was running through some of my old favourite C64 games and came across HyperSports. As some of you know it's a game that involves a lot of whacking the keyboard and throwing joysticks at the wall in order to make your character jump higher/run faster/leap over twice as many hurdles. Inspired by how much fun it still was, I thought I might as well have a crack at doing a modern day version. So inventively named 'UltraSports', you can find the first two events almost finished and ready to play on the sidebar. I'm hoping to link each event up into a main swf and include a leaderboard highscore table.


ASWD - Player One
Arrow Keys - Player Two

-Running, Swimming, and Biking all in go. Whilst running tap LEFT and RIGHT as quick as you can. In the water: Boost up each respective bar (using LEFT and RIGHT) to it's full gauge then switch to the opposite key and do the same. Bicycle: LEFT and RIGHT will gain you little speed, you must also navigate the bicycles over the milk to reach the finishing line quicker.


MOUSE only. Hold Down button to boost and move around to change the angle of the shot. Far targets make for higher point shots. At present Archery is only 1 player, though 2 player option is imminent.

Sooooo, what else have I been up to?
Finished the first level of The Damned completely. Now you don't die immediately, and instead have 3 beating hearts that represent lives. Also got some wicked new sound effects for the guns. Finally, I have added some crawling, Saloms Lot-inspired vampire creatures that arc around the walls toward you in the second level- but they've yet to go in.

Well, AS3 is out, so I've been fiddling around with that. It's all quite exciting for me, discovering the nice speed increases that are available. I've only really put my toe in the water so unfortunately I can't give you guys a decent analysis of the improvement, but there have been a couple of good changes (and bad ones) in the IDE. Sounds stupid, but actually one of the things that brought a smile to my face was that they finally fixed the Edit Multiple Frames option, something that I in particular use a lot due to the high amount of animation png's I use in my pre-rendered graphics. Sounds like a silly joy to have but that was pissing me off at times.
However the panels are a little fiddly, things don't dock very well and I find myself constantly having to move the actionscript panel all over the place in order to see what I'm doing. I liked it better before.
I suppose I will have to sacrifice a lot of my time now abandoning AS2 for AS3. I plan to completely switch over after I finish the UltraSports series, as AS3 has x10 speed to AS2 sometimes, and well, that says it all. Goodbye AS2- got me a hotter chick.
I figure with the extra juice I can start thinking about creating The Damned 2. In my minds eye I can already see it. 2.5d models walking around on Mode 7 tiles. Resident Evil 4 1st/3rd person perspective. I'll post a sketch soon.
Wow. Would love to say more right now but, wow, I'm knackered. 4 am over here. Will write more tomorrow or a little later on in the week. .