Ah Jesus F**cking Christ a virus wiped out my entire hard-drive this afternoon.
Can't blame her, it was my own fault for downloading files from the wrong sorts of sites and BAM! couldn't even get into Safe Mode to stick my Flash files on a CD.
It wouldn't usually bother me much but I'd been working on The Damned again and had practically finished the entire game. I was literally days away from uploading it to the safety of the server.
Geez, Level 2 was looking brilliant. Not only did I have zombies with location damage all over their bodies - arms exploding, heads flying off at random angles and calculated velocities, but the magnum weapon was working well; enemies exploded into chunks of blood and guts at close range. Like a different game and much improved. The real killer is that I had painstakingly redesigned many of the 'death scenes', cutting footage from zombie movies out and adding my own little personal touches. Took weeks. Gameplay was far more exciting, the zombies came flying at you from out of the darkness but could be illuminated from a distance for a brief second with a round off the beretta. I'd also created a 'Salems Lot' style monster that crawled along the walls towards you following a circle radius. Ah man, they looked awesome but I don't have a single screenshot- it was all for naught. A labour of love, lost.
Not only that. An update of the SORF engine with enemy AI and extra moves. A prototype I had made for a potential remake of Green Beret, written in AS3. It was looking pretty sweet, had the guy running around the tile-engine and he would execute a slash Strider-style ie- as fast as you could hit the key.
Oh well, adapt, overcome. I'm pretty bitter but there's nothing like a clean slate to spur on the imagination.
I'm too down to go back to work on The Damned so for the time being I might get into the fighting-engine. I figure codewise it won't be the biggest stretch to get a decent little mini-game up and running in no time, so keep your eyes peeled here for that in the near future. Later dudes.

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On 10:30 AM , Jani said...

Damn, sorry to hear that.

It might be too late if you have reinstalled a lot of stuff, but you could give a shot to some program which can recover files - Formatting the hard drive doesn't always permanently erase the files, at least if the "quick format" option was used.

I've recovered about 60GB's of MP3's with GetDataBack from a disk which had a crashed partition table, perhaps it could help you too.


On 8:13 AM , Anonymous said...


On 12:13 PM , PEPE said...

I urge you to please visit my blog and site!!!!!



i having been looking for someone to colaborate with.

your tutorials rock!!

and if you like what you see let talk.


On 2:01 AM , EvilKris said...

To Jani:

Thanks man, much appreciated. I tried GetDataBack which did recover a lot of my png's and such. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work well for any of my Flash files. Appreciate your concern though.

To Pepe/Robin Mitchell,
Holy shit man, you should work for Disney. Dude I LOVE what I see. Got any projects in mind?

On 12:10 PM , PEPE said...

Thanks for the kind words. i do have a project in mind. i am actually working on it right now. i am just setting up a little prototype of the main character. i just finished ruffing out the main character's move set so now it's just a little code. after that i would like to send you it in an email that also will show you where i want to go with it. the art style and direction and general game play. if you're interested shoot me an email so i can send you all the details.

On 12:05 PM , Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

I just wanted to tell you that your tutorials are really helpful and I am glad this site is around. I am getting so much more useful info from this site than I am getting from half of the flash game books I buy.

Keep up the awesome stuff, hopefully once I create my awesome game I can point to JapanGamer blog and say "this guy showed me how!" :).

Thanks again!