Ok, EvilKris game usually = hardcore blood'n'guts violence but in this one case I took a step out of my usual psychology and have gone and done us all a juicy little trivia game.

Little background- when unchained for a night, I often consume my wages playing darts in these amazing Japanese electronic darts-bars (which I KNOW will swoop over Europe one day) and afterwards when I get tired I like to sit down and play those little pub trivia machines they have. Addictive little bastards. So I thought I'd throw one out there myself. That's it. It only took about 3 weeks from start to finish, but I'd say TriviaCasino was one of my classier productions, well-nurtured from start to finish. Every font is drop-shadowed, every question hand-typed, transitions, blur filters, fake 3D, cute sfx, you name it. This one's even been obfuscated so no 15yr old decompiler is getting his greasy mits on that high-score without memorising the encylopedia. No loader in yet, sorry, and it is 1.8 meg so guys with slow internet connections will have to stare at the blank white screen for a bit. Plus I'm trying out FlashInCrypt with this one so there is a trial version stamp on the swf.

The version is beta- there's only 20 questions for each category so far, but I THINK that's all that needs doing. That's kind of why I'm releasing it here, for you guys to give me some feedback. I realise most gamers don't give a ff about Sports and History so I've only bothered with less elegant categories that most gamers can relate to, Music/Entertainment/Video-Games. That's right, bet you've never seen a pub trivia quiz that has questions about games.Don't try too hard to get the high-score as I'll be wiping out the current records when the proper game is released.

I have spotted a couple of bugs here and there and probably forgot about them, so if you see anything, any bad fonts etc, please report it.

So what is TriviaCasino? just your average multi-choice question game with a bit of gambling thrown in. If you get 4 questions right in a row, you'll get a chance to win more points in a bonus round that resembles a slot machine. Furthermore, from time to time a random 'Double Your Money' event will be launched, and if you decide to risk it, you'll have the chance to win twice your current points, or lose the lot. Having the high-score readily viewable on the first screen of the game adds incentive to beat it IMO, and I think I'll probably stick with that design for most of my future games- I figure the more EK trademarks that are recognisable in my games, the less chance my artistic license will be infringed upon by some unscrupulous website.