Ya nothing major, just popping in to let you all know I'm alive. Actually have been entirely immersed in something other than coding for most of the past year so please forgive me. I know a bunch of you have written to me mostly in regards to the SplatterHouse tutorials but I've been bombarded with so many mails about them that I if I can't get round to you all, once again, I apologise.

I'm so limited for time these days that I've had no chance to sit down and have a pint with my old mate Flash. Actually started a prototype of a Last Ninja remake the other day, got my little ninja leaping around in isometric up already. Definitely getting more comfortable with AS3 these days too.

Just a wee update to the fighting engine I posted before. There's tons of bugs in there I know, but it's getting there, wouldn't you agree? I figure I'll design the whole game first using known sprites as placeholder, then swap them for custom graphics when it's all done. Feel free to decompile this little demo, but be warned the code is dirty, so much so it almost makes me cringe to look at it. I treat me code like my woman folks, beat it around and get it to do what you want whether it wants to or not.

Ok back to the real world. またね