Indeed I do seem to have dropped off the face of the planet.
Truth is I've just lost interest in coding games for a while. It's great fun to develop games but it's hard work, especially when you're not just working in Flash but other apps such as Photoshop and 3DS Max, which each have their own steep learning curves.
So, for the time being, I've gone back to my other hobby, writing. You know, novels, short-stories, scripts for movies etc...that was what I did before getting into Flash. And when the motivation to do that fades (it will) I'll be back with avengeance. I'm a bit of a butterfly like that, jumping from hobby to hobby but I always come back around eventually.

Another thing is I've been getting into gaming pretty heavily recently- playing - that is ^-^
You can catch me on PS3 Network EVIL_KRIS_JAPAN. At the moment I'm only into Metal Gear Online and GTA4, occasionally WarHawk. Tekken 6 is coming out in Japan in December so I'll be on that like a fly to shit if anybody out there wants a challenge.

Have patience folks- the dude will return,

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On 6:25 PM , Ryan Wright said...

EvilKris, I am a fan of your flash work and I have learned quite a bit from your tutorials. I am working on a 2D side scrolling beat-em-up and it is almost finished. If anyone here is interested in joining my project, visit my blog at the link above ( there you can find a dev diary and video of the game. Also, I have the latest build of EvilKris' Beat-em-up engine on file if anyone needs it. Just get in contact with me.

On 5:03 AM , Ryan Wright said...

Kris, the site looks very nice. I'm glad to see you updating.


On 10:42 PM , Kris said...

thanks hombre. Yes, I'm back in the saddle, was working on my other hobbies but I've come full circle back to Flash again- coding every day. Currently piddling about with Bounty Hunter 2 in AS3.

On 10:33 AM , Trilling Bird said...

KRIS! what in the world happened to the fighting tutorials? i have been trying to communicate with u about them but this site was all in japanese for a while. Anyways i currently have a game im working on but i cant develop it into a game until i can figure out a way to make combo moves... i have the streets of rage system.... but i was wondering if u had a better one somewhere...that would allow for special moves maybe and also a way to make sure the Streets of rage one doesnt allow u to skip through the combos if the animations arent done.

i have a basic ai that will chase u and stab you but if u have any fla's or tutorials thatd really help.

and finally i remember u had something about making a global thing that would tell ur enemies to spawn at certain points and then show a sign that would say go once u beat them... i was wondering if you could make a tutorial for that one.

thanks so much and ive been trying forever to make a game and develop your engines further once i do ill make sure to link them to u through credits!

On 9:51 AM , Anonymous said...

i noticed some changes to the damned, secound level