Yeah Arrghh***Just about had it with this damn blog.

Seems like everytime I try to reconstruct this thing something goes haywire and the result is I lose all my links, files dissapear, posts morph into zany fonts, so and and so on with the result being I end up with a head-ache. Ah bollocks to it, my old man would say. I will get round to getting the old demos back up there sooner or later but please bear with me, there are hot young Japanese girls that take up my precious time being taught English most of my daily life, and a few hours a night is about all I ever get for the personal stuff.

Saying that, at least the SplatterHouse tutes are up, those are the ones people ask for..and hey, on the subject of tutorials, let's talk for a bit..
Once I'm done with BH2 (or get sick to the back teeth of it) I will write a few Dumbies Guide To- style sections on AS3 game programming. I have noticed, as some of you have, that there really aren't enough decent ones out there on the web as of yet. A couple of good ones by 8bitJeff and not much else.

People get all baffled by talk of Object Orientated coding, Classes, encapsulation, polymorphism etc. and give up since there are no easy to understand tutorials out there for them to get to grips with. And it seems that those members of the Flash fraternity out there that can actually show noobs how to code in OO feel that it's too complicated and that they should really get their heads around AS2 first. In a sense I agree but what most peeps don't realise is that it's very feasible to code AS3 in a manner similar to AS2 without delving too deep into all that and still get everything AS3 has to give. Why bother learning AS2 only to have to relearn AS3? To my mind that's like taking driving lessons to charter a yacht. I'm not saying you shouldn't get round to learning OO one day- as naturally OO is the best way to code- BUT I'm thinking there are a lot of guys/girls out there who just want to make GAMES, have the hardcore perseverance to get over that barrier, but would rather dip their feet in the water before diving it first.

Once you understand all the AS3 programming methods for say, whipping up a physics engine, it's far easier from there to approach OO and converting that code piece-by-piece, figure out the necessary OO relative to their own projects- that's my theory anyway. Kind of a hands-on-approach, learn by doing type of education. Exactly how I teach English as a matter of fact.

So, when I have the time I'm going to endevour to rewrite one of our favourite classics of 80's-90's. Right now it's a coin-toss between Green Beret or Vigilante. They're both simple games to code (in theory), and yet feature some elements that most coders would want to study ; 4/8 way scrolling tile-engines, climbing ladders, fighting bosses, spawning multiple enemies with assorted health/energy, sfx coding, so on.
I could see how a tutorial could highlight all the aspects of games programming I want to share, and hopefully signify the end of AS2 games that crash my browser and meltdown my hard-drive.

Watch this space!

p.s.The BH2 demo has been updated, hit up the link on the post below to see it. Not so much done, ships now form a fleet and move towards a target. The leader can be destroyed and automatically another ship in the group will be designated as the new one. When clans meet they don't do much, just find themselves an enemy and circle around each-other. Decent AI has not been written yet, and shoot too many of the ships and you'll get them wondering off in weird directions as the code for them to auto-assign to another target from the now non-existing one has also not been done yet.

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On 8:25 AM , Trilling Bird said...

KRIS! what in the world happened to the fighting tutorials? i have been trying to communicate with u about them but this site was all in japanese for a while. Anyways i currently have a game im working on but i cant develop it into a game until i can figure out a way to make combo moves... i have the streets of rage system.... but i was wondering if u had a better one somewhere...that would allow for special moves maybe and also a way to make sure the Streets of rage one doesnt allow u to skip through the combos if the animations arent done.

i have a basic ai that will chase u and stab you but if u have any fla's or tutorials thatd really help.

and finally i remember u had something about making a global thing that would tell ur enemies to spawn at certain points and then show a sign that would say go once u beat them... i was wondering if you could make a tutorial for that one.

thanks so much and ive been trying forever to make a game and develop your engines further once i do ill make sure to link them to u through credits!

On 11:29 PM , Kris said...

well the fighting tutes are up.
as far as a better engine goes, none available I'm afraid.i think it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make the animations not skip on a second keypress- if I remember correctly there's a couple of variables that you could play with to make that possible. Sorry I can't be much more of a help but time is limited!

On 10:52 PM , Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for the fighting tutorials. They improved my programming skills in AS by quite alot and even made me love to program stuff.

I can't wait to see more tutorials from you.