OK, so I finally got my ass in gear and have recovered enough from the pain and antagonism related to the development history of the game to come and finish it off. Yes, I'm talking about "The Damned".
Got myself a good sound guy this time, too early to anticipate anything miraculous and God knows I've let people down/been let down in the past many a time, but fingers crossed he seems to know his stuff.

I had MAJOR issues trying to get my head around Mouse events- which I'm pretty sure a lot of other coders also have- but thanks to Senocular and some of the guys over at FlashKit I'm pretty sure I've earned my Cub Scout badge for it all by now. Yup, the AS3 rewrite has been in session for a little while in fact and I'm not tooting my own horn but it's looking mighty fine so far- you might even say it's unlike anything else out there done is AS3.

So why have I not posted a demo? Just to keep everyone (all 2 of you) in suspense I suppose. Members of the development team and the kiddies who were really keen to see the game done have been sent links- hey ask nicely and you might get on the list!

Sneak Peek;

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On 4:44 PM , Ryan said...

The latest work looks great, the AS3 rewrite appears to be coming together nicely. I will be looking forward to more updates.


On 10:40 PM , Anonymous said...

i remember way back when your second level somehow got deleted when it was nearly complete, hope nothing like that happens this time.

On 8:16 AM , Anonymous said...

Why do you tease me so.