Had a bit of an epiphany the other night. Why am I bothering making The Damned a single game? If I could split it into 3 parts for each level I could not only stretch the levels out longer, maximise my advertising $$$, I could also get some positive/negative feedback from kiddies and generate some interest for the sequels. Smaller file size, hence a shorter loading time.

I'll rework the levels into say, a 10 level survival challenges with a boss at the end. It'll fit much more into the category of a Flash game that way. Short and addictive. I think seeing responses to the game will help inspire the other team members too, motivation is a sneaky devil; always hard to keep a hold of.

Just waiting on some work from a couple of peeps, after which things will really get moving.

Other news:
The point+c*lick adventure I'm working on in the sidelines is coming along well, I've kind of 'invented' a neat way to get extra detail within each image, well I say invented but really all it is is fiddling around with the layer blends. Does wonders for adding creepy little shadows and other particulars. I've been having some horrific dreams from my mind constantly brewing up nasty imagery of decapitated heads and such- you can't work on something like that day and night without it entering your head when you close your eyes. To be expected I guess.

If this point+click thing kicks off some interest I could quite happily continue with this medium. I actually used to be something of a writer (books and writing them being my second love next to video-games). It would be great to flesh-out some of my old horror stories within the Flash medium.
The synopsis for particular story goes something like this;
You wake up in a makeshift operating theater in an old Edwardian mansion with complete memory loss. After discovering another 'prisoner' in the same room you are told that you are to become victim of someone simply called 'The Doctor'- a lunatic ex-surgeon killer who spends all his time with his own sick and twisted form of butchery, vivisecting captured humans with the body parts of animals. During your attempt to escape you meet several characters, including 'The Doctor' himself. Within the arcane house lies a terrible and dark secret that will shake you to the very core of your sanity.

It's a juicy story, I'm sure you're gonna like it.....:-) Watch this space, I will continue to post the ingame shots as they are produced.

few pics of a little project I'm conjuring up whilst recoding The Damned.
point+c*lick adventure with a slight rpg twist. Graphics are being done with Google Sketchup for the scene reference plus a Photoshop touch-up.