few pics of a little project I'm conjuring up whilst recoding The Damned.
point+c*lick adventure with a slight rpg twist. Graphics are being done with Google Sketchup for the scene reference plus a Photoshop touch-up.

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On 4:28 AM , Anonymous said...

man i cant wait for the damned

On 8:25 PM , Ryan Wright said...

These pictures made me get Sketchup. I am new to 3D so I have been learning quite a bit. Your work here is super clean, inspiring.

On 10:48 PM , EvilKris said...

thanks man, kind words always do wonders for the motivation.
Sketchup is an inspired little app, it's greatest perk is the insane amount of free 3D in the Warehouse, housing literally anything you can think of. Mind you, most of the work was done in Photoshop, Sketchup was simply for the layouts, all the textures/shadows etc were mostly PhotoShop brushes or else pinched from Google images.
More to squirm at tomorrow!
(ps. if you have any good lateral puzzles roaming around your brain let me know, if they're smart enough I'll throw them in)