Just to let you know I've posted an (very early) alpha of the new point+c*lick game over at Newgrounds.com, in order to see what folks out there think so follow.
Follow the link to see it for yourself.


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On 5:08 AM , Anonymous said...

wow that was quick

On 4:34 AM , Anonymous said...

I noticed that you cant put items back, so the player could be stuck with a hammer and not know how to deselect it.

On 1:49 PM , EvilKris said...

Ahh. yeah that's right I forgot to mention about inventory usage. Check the newgrounds link again- I've updated it with instructions.

On 5:29 AM , Anonymous said...

Hello , my name is William. I am trying to make a 2-d fighting game along the lines of Street Fighter. I found your tutorial on how to program a beat'em up in flash very informative. There is just on concept that I feel needs to be added. caracter reactions to taking multiple succesive hits. My biggest concern is how to handle realling animations for when characters take rapid hits in succession. Once this is clear I feel that I will have enough knowlege to create my own fighting game. Biggest issues:

1. Knowing how to tell Flash (or in this case XNA) to stop and stay on one frame from being hit.

2. Go to the next reeling animation depending on what attack hits.

3. If the Attack is an invalid one how to tell character on recieving in to go to block animation.

4. How long to stay in block animation depending on the attack.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


On 5:31 AM , Anonymous said...

Its me William again I can be reached at whm1033@students.pjc.edu

-thanks again

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