Just to let you know I've had so many requests for AS3 tutorials that I began to compile a little conversion page for those of you who are starting to dip their toes in the AS3 pool. Check it out on the right in the Tutorial links. You'll find a few tricks for converting AS2 code to AS3, and the tutorial also breaks into overcoming some of the common AS3 issues you might encounter as you start to code (such as pesky MouseEvents).
Yeah, yeah, "When are some beat-em up tutes for AS3 coming out?". Well, sooner or later I'll definitely write some, so keep the encouragement coming and be patient. I really would like to finish "The Damned" series and also this new game I've been toying with first. After that I promise it will happen.
Seems like I've now recieved most of the collaborated animation I needed to get is in, so I'll be back on 'The Damned'. In the meantime however the new point+c*lick (still no name, ideas?) is going well. I'll be honest with you, from a coding perspective point+c*lick is frickin' easy. Iit's a lot more code than other games since you basically have to write nasty unique functions for every room/section.

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On 11:27 PM , Anonymous said...

weird, i was always under the impression point and clicks were hard.

On 12:18 AM , Kris said...

no it's a pretty simple setup. One giant array to contain all the data from the rooms/sub-rooms/events.
Then write a function for every room. Just a ton of if statements and dialogue. Something akin to:-


A few dozen tween functions for fading in/out, blurring, assorted transitions.

All the other stuff isn't anything other than making a series of customized animations within MovieClips and adding them to the screen.

I'll likely post a few tutes on the blog in the future so eyes peeled.

Compared to coding a beat-em up it's childs play.