UPDATE 08/05/2007

Inventory system is up and running. Some simple puzzles have been thrown in, also included is a simple battle system. See if you can make it through the Belloc Room door. No bugs as far as I know now, so if you come across something please let me know.

UPDATE 01/05/2007
Coming along..coming along..there are a couple of bugs still in there though.
Now has inventory and a battle scene. Look out for the hammer that appears as you leave the wardrobe, you'll need it to fight the Statue.--01/05/2007 AGAIN. -oops completely forgot instructions for the inventory. You can drag items and try to use them on objects on the screen, when you're done with the object DOUBLE-C*LICK and it will return back and you'll leave ITEM mode. There will also be an EXAMINE for objects if you c*lick once on them (without dragging). It's all been coded I simply haven't gotten around to adding the ingame instructions.

UPDATE 22/04/2007
Thanks to those who have favourited the game. I'll keep posting updates every couple of weeks or so for a little while longer, and then the next update will be the finished product.
*Text speed has been slowed down.
*Descriptions now embolded
*2 extra rooms explorable.
* Not sure about this one but there is a strange Event bug that sometimes creeps up, I've got some theories but no solid idea exactly what it is yet so bear with me. If you leave the closet and the screen goes blank, refresh your browser. Should work second time round.
This is a sample of a point+c*lick adventure I'm hoping to finish before July. It has no name as of yet so I'm using the title "House of Hell" for the time being- the same name as one of my favourite Fighting Fantasy books. Suggestions?
The story revolves around you waking up in a dark room. You're covered in bandages and don't remember how you got there. As you make your escape you find out that the house is the den of a man only named THE DOCTOR, an ex-chief of surgery who lost his sanity quite some time ago, and now dwells deep within the house working on crazed experiments involving the surgical creation of vivisects- humans with animal body parts. Going further into the game you realise that all is not what it seems, and that there are secrets to be discovered that will shock you to the core.
Although this is only a demo of the basic engine with some graphics, the story has been fully fleshed out and personally I think it's a great little tale not so different in vein to Saw.
As for the game itself, without wanting to sound over ambitious I'm aiming it to be the scariest Flash game out there. It's made in a kind of similar mould to such games as Exmortis yet differs in that there is more user interaction- certain scenes will require the player to make quick decisions before a timer countdown or hammer the mouse button to escape being prey to some creature.
This demo is seriously limited in what you can do but 3 rooms are available for exploration.

I'm just looking for some early feedback, hoping people can tell me if there's any obvious errors. Let me know what you like or don't like. You know the drill.

Updates can be found here on my blog.
http://ydjapan.blogspot.c om/

-strike the lock to open it
-unsheath the beast within the cage
-you can DIE here if you don't do anything and let the counter rundown, the RETRY button
does nothing though so you'll have to refresh your browser
-ELSE hide in the wardrobe
-listen to the dialogue between the monster and THE PRISONER
-go through the door into the corridor
-only the BELLOC room can be entered so go through
-talk to the CLINICIAN about the Doctor and ways to escape the house
-examine the fishtank.

That's about it!More to come

Please check in for regular posts regarding the progress of the game.