Here's a trailer:

Not sponsored yet, sorry!
Well stick a fork in me because I am DONE. Yes, the latest game "THE INSANITY" is green to go!
Indeed it's been a GRUELING 3-4 months since I started it, and what was only supposed to become a bit of a distraction from work on "THE DAMNED" rewrite turned into 3 months of late, late nights and an abundance of sweaty Japanese summer mental exhaustion. Yes it's been a killer but I'm awfully proud of this little beauty, she's a real diamond- possibly one of the freakiest horror titles ever developed in Flash. Certainly scared the living turd out of me uncovering all the research needed to enrich the story, anyhow.

Unfortunately you chaps won't be able to take a peek at the finished version until I've done the rounds looking for sponsorship, or throw on the MochiAds or whatever business I can get my grubby hands on. Obviously I can assure you whatever happens the blog is where all the links will surface first. Shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks at the most. Sorry! In the meantime I will be working on a YouTube vid for it so that should be appearing on here within a couple of days.

Gonna have to make a few simple games in the meantime because this one sucked all the 'big project' mojo out of me for at least a couple of months! Man, time to hit the beach!