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On 1:24 AM , Anonymous said...

hurray finally.

On 11:43 PM , Anonymous said...

cool, no you can work on the damned again

On 8:45 AM , said...

How's it going? I'm posting this here because I couldn't find an e-mail address to contact you by, nor do I have a Newgrounds account to send you a PM on.

I played through The Insanity on the day it was released to the general public, and I have to say I found it an enjoyable experience. It had some flaws, as others have said, I view the Machine mini-game and Alexander being sliced in half by Chainsaw (just as most others have simply referred to him as the Chainsaw Guy, I call him Chainsaw) as the most glaring, but I still liked it.

Good luck on the remake of The Damned, a sequel to The Insanity, or any other future projects you decide to begin working on.

On 8:47 AM , said...

Also, wishing you well in your endeavors in life.

On 6:46 AM , Anonymous said...

hi there. I know you probably get loads of posts on how to make a fighting game and by the way your splatterhouse tutorial was brillaint. Im one of those noobs trying to make my own finalfight kinda game and require help. so I was wondering if you have another blog where you answer questions or do you know of similar websites/blogs that discuss on building flash beat-em up games?. sorry if this post is in the wrong place. thanks for your help.

On 10:18 AM , EvilKris said...

You should be pleased to hear since 'THE INSANITY II' has been finished I've actually been working on a final-fight style fighting game myself of the past few days.
During progress I will be posting blog updates and naturally you can ask me questions about the coding development.
It's been more difficult in AS3 than AS2 but, it's coming along ok.

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