A few work-in-progress screenies for the new installment of the series.

Still require a bit of touching-up (ooh matron!) before they can be used for the game.
Frickin' Tekken 6 online is sucking up a loooot of my time. EVILKRIS_1977 if you see me on there. Playing as Eddy I'm currently 126th (W 906 L 503) in the world online battle rankings, not bad for a dude some might say is past his best gaming years! Come on all ye challengers!

Er.. and for anyone interested in my work:
'THE INSANITY II' is in the works, I'll have some snapshots up on the blog sometime later in the week. I've examined a lot of feedback from players of the original and decided to make a few altercations to the in-game mechanics. The battle system is kaput- some folks said it was 'original' but not very enjoyable and *shockingly* actually killed the games suspense.
Replacing that will be more action QTE-esque cutscenes and subgames, though none as tricky as 'The Machine'- which seemed overly challenging and clearly pissed off a lot of players.
Picture a mouse-mashing scene that will require you to crawl through a vent with one of the vivisects in hot pursuit, get caught and there will be a nasty, delectable death to come. The protagonist in this one is much more apparent- I've already designed the 3d mesh and you will see his appearance throughout the game.

The game will continue the tradition of ambushing any quiet moments where the player thinks it's safe to have a break. Also, in some cases you'll die by walking into the wrong place, using the wrong item or lingering too long, you'll need to think carefully and keep your wits about you at all times. Also, the puzzles will be trickier and more 'intellectual'. The blood and gore are all there but the story is the main chiller.
Originally I entertained that the game would take place in a lighthouse. This seemed like a good idea but I realised it would be impractical for storytelling purposes.
So, where is it being set now? An abandoned asylum..

More later...