INSANITY II ALPHA.02 is good to go!

There's a wee bit more game there for your enjoyment. You can now see more of CHIMERA and solve another puzzle. I've been checking out screenies for the new Dead Space 2 and it's looking pretty good. Man, wish I could be working on a game like that.
Some people are complaining they don't understand how to solve this puzzle.

As you can see in the first pic (far left) this is a clue as to how to decipher the painting's secret clue.

'The Insanity II' is a more intellectual game than the first one. I'm aware that many people will struggle to figure out the puzzles which is why I'll include a walkthrough YouTube video with it's release (with money-making ad's on the page of course bwahahahaaaaa!)

For your information, the Arnolfini Portrait is a *real* picture by the way :-) And is historically known for having many hidden meanings- read about it out on Wikipedia

The demo will be updated shortly with a couple of extra sections. I'll let you guys know when it's out.

How's it going peeps? Long time no see and all that, but you can bet your ass I've been working hard on the sequel to 'THE INSANITY' and here's your proof. I did want to post this in NG Alpha's but unfortunately it's already over their 1mg limit.


Featured in this demo is approx.1/3 of the up-and-coming game.

You can:

*Read a little more about the history of the Doctor and the character you play in the game.

*Solve 1 major puzzle.

*Encounter 'CHIMERA'- one of the doctors wolf-like creations+ a hybrid vivisect version of one of your team-mates.

*See roughly 15 pieces of background art.

*See the almost-finished intro.