How's it going peeps? Long time no see and all that, but you can bet your ass I've been working hard on the sequel to 'THE INSANITY' and here's your proof. I did want to post this in NG Alpha's but unfortunately it's already over their 1mg limit.


Featured in this demo is approx.1/3 of the up-and-coming game.

You can:

*Read a little more about the history of the Doctor and the character you play in the game.

*Solve 1 major puzzle.

*Encounter 'CHIMERA'- one of the doctors wolf-like creations+ a hybrid vivisect version of one of your team-mates.

*See roughly 15 pieces of background art.

*See the almost-finished intro.


Comments (6)

On 7:10 PM , Zvezdana said...

Ok.I have one question.How do u pass the stupid door in the demo of the Insanity 2?God.I tried everything,and it doesn't work.God.what am I missing?That Alforini something.I kinda forgot,put the processor is very hard than making a fan movie with major puzzles like those.Plz,help me!!!I swear I'll do anything...:'(

On 11:31 AM , Anonymous said...


Hmmm..maybe that puzzle is too hard.
The clue is in the drainpipe in the kitchen. You get the wrench from the insect room to open the pipe. It tells you the order in which you can decipher the clues in the painting.

On 4:43 AM , Sawgirl said...

But I'm still confused...meowza.I'll never pass the stupid door.

On 10:26 AM , EvilKris said...

OK! Check the new blog post.

On 2:38 PM , Sawgirl said...

Ok,I did.

On 9:17 PM , Anonymous said...

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