...down down..deeper down. Just finished another couple of sections of 'THE INSANITY II' and all I gotta say is, this is some scary sh*t coming out of my brain and onto the medium we all know and love called Flash here. Tell you what guys if you want to have cozy dreams don't sit on your computer alone drawing pics of half-eaten bodies with their intestines hanging out...
Anyway, I need a break so I thought I'd blog for a sec before I get out the guitar.

I don't suppose I'll ever spend as much time authoring any games as I have with the Insanity series. But will there be a trilogy? Maybe one day. But 6 months is really way too long to spend on making a game. What's the point? I definitely need to cut them shorter. With story-intensive games like this one there's really no choice but still...One worry I do have is fitting this all in under 5 mb. I can't see it happening what with all the audio that has to go in at the end, so there might be some restrictions in that capacity.

Anyway, 2011 will be my year for multiple game releases- you can bank on that.

I want to wrap this puppy up because I'm DYING to code a decent beat-em up. I've been doing *ahem* research? on MAME recently and some of the golden oldies, Crimefighters, Shadow of Mystara, Aliens vs Predator. Man, thems some good games and I'm bagging to get my imprint on the legacy of great fighting games.
I quit playing Tekken 6 because frankly the game isn't that much of a challenge, I think my Eddie is retired at around position 170 in the world so, can't complain. Back on MGO again with a level 14 girl character called 'THE INSANITY' (surprise). You wont find me on the UK servers but if you ever go on the Japanese ones feel free to friend me and we can clan up or something.
I've been checking out some of the new releases on PSN. Brink is looking exciting. Just, dammit, I wish they'd bring out Monster Hunter on the PS3. Even if I have to go through it all in Japanese again like I did on the PS2 I'd be game.

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On 1:19 AM , Anonymous said...

Hey man cool looking page and I love the fighting tutorial I found this today and was wondering if you are still active?

On 6:08 PM , EvilKris said...

Active and ready for duty, sir!

On 1:59 AM , Cantdoright said...

wow I really was not expecting an answer. Anyways I was just wondering if you were ever going to finish the spalterhouse tutorial. I plan on making a game soon but I feel there is still more that you tutorial has to offer (main becuase you said you weren't done by the end of it) Anyways if you are going to continue, great if not then dang. Anyways I see you are a busy man and I am glad you took the time to read this, hope to hear from you soon!

On 3:08 PM , EvilKris said...

Pretty busy but there's always time to answer people's questions (as long as they're sensible)

As I might have mentioned before in the blog somewhere, the SplatterHouse tutorials are pretty obsolete these days and due to the fact that I mainly work in AS3 now, and my AS2 is getting scrappy I won't be continuing them, not in AS2 at least.
I don't want to encourage people to keep using AS2 when it's getting less popular and besides, AS2 probably only has about 1/2 the capabilities of AS3.
What I'll likely do after I've wrapped up 'THE INSANITY II' is rewrite the tutorials in AS3.
I've found from personal experience that you don't need to fully understand Object Orientated programming to get into AS3, as you can code it in a similar manner to AS2, then as you begin to fully understand *that* way of coding you can gradually work your way into using OO and voila you're a fully fledged AS3 dude. It makes programming a lot easier.
I do the same request over and over and I'm very keen to do it, the only issue is I'm also coding the games at the same time and that's got to take priority over the tutorials. But they will be done, I might actually write the first part today, I feel like a bit of a break from rendering zombies.

On 9:50 PM , Cantdoright said...

I have been hearing AS2 is dead so I am glad you are thinking of making a tutorial for us AS2 converters to the AS3 world. I may check out THE INSANITY after I finish all my current work and maybe the sequel afterwards. Anyways thanks for looking out for your commenters and Good luck with the rendering zombies it sounds... fun and dangerous!