Phew! After a ridiculously long gestation period of 7 months or so it seems like the second game is almost ready to launch. The game is playable from start to finish in it's current state, and all that's left to do is to drop in the audio (20% done already), draw up the ending cinematics, fix some dialogue weaknesses and beautify some of the weaker images. Then wham bam baby! she's good to go.
I'd say at the rate I'm working on it, bar ill health or an exploding computer the game should be on FGL for the sponsors to sniff around at by the end of July- possibly even the end of June. The whole project has been like a goddamn weight around the neck for this year and I truly hope someone appreciates the monumental effort I've put into making this the best Flash horror game ever. Personally I'm looking forward to the months after this, bumming around the humid, gorgeous Japanese beaches with a can of Asahi- before coding simpler games I can finish in 2-3 months max. Whacking the MochiAds on and watching my bank account saturate with passive income, that sort of thing. I know I'll never make the amount of $$$ I think 'The Insanity II' is actually worth, due to it being done in the Flash medium, but what the hell -no regrets, this has been for the most part a labour of love, and artistically speaking it should stand the taste of time in comparison to some other games out there. And who knows about future platforms? Maybe an Iphone version?
Although I can't release another alpha version of the game, you guys can rest assured 'THE INSANITY II' is far better than the first one in every way. Horror fans will not be disappointed. More updates coming soon.
p.s.I will also rewrite my SplatterHouse tutorials for AS3 when I have the time this summer.

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On 11:18 PM , Sawgirl said...

I hate to ask u this,but,would u prefer uploading "the Insanity" to Kongregate????

On 3:53 AM , EvilKris said...

lol...the reason I need to upload it to FGL first is because that website is where every Flash coder puts their finished games to find sponsors.
Once they've been sponsored and the sponsors logo is integrated into the game splash screen then the game can be distributed around the web or go 'live' as some authors call it, anywhere and everywhere.
It'll go on Kongregate, -and everywhere else- once it has found sponsorship.

On 3:12 PM , Sawgirl said...

so,how's the game going???

On 1:45 AM , EvilKris said...

VERY close to wrapping everything up. Game is playable from start to end *with* audio/sfx. Only got a few more sfx to throw in, two vivisect death scenes, intro screen, ending, done. I think :-)
Will be ready July-ish.

On 2:17 PM , Sawgirl said...

lol July-ish.I just got that.Until then,4 more days until end of school,then off purchasing Exmortis 3!!!

On 6:08 PM , Sawgirl said...

hey Kris.when U meant July-ish,does that mean by the end of July???Darn it.Plus,I need ur assistance.I've recently bought a game called Pathologic,and I need some info about the game.I mean how to play it.

On 1:00 PM , EvilKris said...

The game is actually done now. I'm just polishing it a little. Shouldn't be more than a week but I promise it'll be out July 15th at the latest (but don't forget what I said about having to get it sponsored first)

On 9:36 PM , Sawgirl said...

Now that's funny.jk.Anyways,that is tragic.Anyways,u said something about project K.But I still don't know his name.I mean,I call him Todd.(wonder why)...:T

On 12:55 AM , EvilKris said...

His real name isn't Todd. It's Friendly. But not Edgar Friendly ;-)

On 8:47 PM , Sawgirl said...

uhhhhhh.I don't get it...Plz explain...

On 5:15 PM , EvilKris said...

*lol* what's with all the personal questions? OK. Last time I respond on the blog.
I teach English in Japan, nope I'm not Japanese I'm a British expatriate. The reason I'm surrounded by pretty ladies is because 90% of my student core are female; nurses, hairdressers, office workers, etc the type who have expendable income and love to travel abroad regularly. You see?

I don't know why 'The Damned' is up on portals, it's only a demo.

And finally, I can't explain why his surname is Friendly- it'll give away too much.

On 6:19 PM , Sawgirl said...

90% WTF???
Also,I have no idea as well why is ur demo game on portals.
And also,could he be Edgar's brother??:D

On 10:31 PM , EvilKris said... cookie this one:-)

On 10:35 PM , Sawgirl said...

Say what????
I'll take that as a maybe!!!

On 9:00 PM , skrinnargustav said...

Nice game you're workin on there, pal :D

I checked out the Splatterhouse tutorial you made.

And I wonder if its made in AS2 or AS3?

On top of that, when, or and if you got time. Maybe, just maybe, could you make a tutorial on how to make a level screen or something like that. A way to progress in levels.

Thanks for any response :D

On 12:02 AM , EvilKris said...

It was made in AS2.
I get quite a lot of requests for updates to the SplatterHouse tutorials; new levels, extra AI, how to modify it to make a SF2-style fighter.
At the moment I'm busy wrapping up the current game I'm working on. Afterwards I'll update the tutorials to AS3, and add a little more. I promise.

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