After many requests for updates and AS3 conversations, I've finally taken the initiative to updating the tutorials to AS3. There's also a pretty good chance I'll add a couple more chapters to deal with multiple enemies and tile-based platforms.
There's a hefty transition between AS2 and AS3 and as such the tutorials will take some time to revamp, in the meantime if anybody is dying to see some basics laid out (movieclip with basic control and attacks), grab the - AS3 SPLATTERHOUSE CODE - here (full FLA)
ARROW KEYS- Move, W- Attack.
'THE INSANITY II' is more or less finished. I'm just waiting on some audio to come in and I'll be uploading it to FGL. Won't be long folks. Actually already cracking on with my next game believe it or not- a fully fledged Final-Fight type beat-em up with borrowings from Double Dragon, SpikeOut, and CrimeFighters. Haven't quite decided on a theme yet but the engine will be similar to my previous SORF engine (though updated to AS3) and it will be SHORT. No more shacking up for 7-8 months on one game. This one will be Dad'N'Me length.
Already got a character running around doing combo's maaaaan I'm getting to be a good coder these days, lol!
Now I've tried this before and failed, but I am looking for a good spriter. Anyone who is pretty talented- at either drawing fighting sprites from scratch or even say, just reworking old Capcom sprites so they're original- get in touch. Clear 40/60 deal on this one so there could be some major cash involved. If I can't find a good artist for this one I'm screwed, I *can* design characters in 3ds with motion capture but I'm not exactly Frank Frazetta when it comes to natural art talent.

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On 10:49 PM , Anonymous said...

hey, the link for the as3 spatterhouse code is not working for me, could you please re-link it?...and keep up the good work, I absolutely love Insanity

On 2:41 AM , EvilKris said...

OK. Should be working now.

On 12:04 PM , Joseph said...

Great Website! Was searching for good AS2 or 3 tutorials on beat em games and found yours. Thank you very much. As far as your sprite artist search, maybe I can help, maybe not.
Here is a sample:
If you like what you see just email me at and I can send you one more sample before you make up your mind. Again thanks for the great tutorials and good luck!

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