So the game is done, completed 100% and on Flash Game License now awaiting bids. I am in no rush at all to sell, in fact I've half a mind to pimp it out armed only with mochi or cpmstar ads.
I figure if 'THE INSANITY' hit over 1,000,000 players in a half year, that would effectively have gotten me about $1000 in ad revenue by now- and if I could be patient for a few years, that could dd up and add up, who knows? I'd have the cash the sponsors paid for it minus any legal obligation to put someones logo on my game. So we'll see, the only stress for me is the fans out there won't get to see the game till it's been through the bid wars. I'm still adding bits and pieces to the game while it's up there waiting for a pappa.
In the meantime, work starts on the next project. It's time for ACCCCCTTTTIIION! Yes, enough of these dour creepy-crawlie point'n'c*lickers EvilKris is breaking from tradition. Although keeping with the horror theme would make for sound business sense, I'd also like the kiddies to be able to play my games occasionally without their mum's going 'What the bleedin' hell you playing here?- that's bloody disgusting turn it off!'
So the next game will be using my Streets Of Rage Fighter Engine (rewritten in AS3) and will be a simple game kinda similar to the old classic MoonStone albeit shorter and much more hyper- paced. Essentially you'll have a map with about 50 random locations you can 'search', hit any spot and you'll have some enemies to fight and on winning you'll either get a weapon, something to give health recovery, or a hint as to where the final location you're looking for is.
I haven't quite decided on the theme yet but it'll probably be something with barbarians and goblins as I've been playing Oblivion lately. Had a dream I was working for Bethesda the other day.
Tell you what it feels damn nice to get off Insanity 2, summer is here, the babes are on the beach, and my own complication in life is figuring how to get the best suntan.

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On 6:56 AM , Sawgirl said...

Good luck with the bids.Oh,and if u get a sun birn,you know what will be best to use against it?Sour cream.It's awesome.I keep using it because I got too much sun for a day.god darn it.

On 6:14 AM , Sawgirl said...

one do u get inside a sewer?God.i tried everything.

On 7:41 AM , Sawgirl said...

never mind.found it.