If you've any questions about the game's storyline or the future of the INSANITY series post them to me and I'll paste the answers in here-

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This game is awesome! 8D Even though I keep getting stuck like the first game, but it's a lack of perception as per usual. XD Thank you for making The Insanity II, Mister Kris, my friend and I love it like we did the first game(which was HORRIFYING)! Your horror games are always terrifyingly wonderful.

Also the second painting in the beginning was a nice touch; I had played the Alpha and didn't expect it at all in the game itself. Keeping us on our toes as ever. ^^b

7:13 AM

Blogger EvilKris said...

My pleasure!
I'm working on a few other smaller scale games this year, but I expect they'll be an 'INSANITY 3' out sooner or later. It'll be based on Peter Langdon's brother, Nathan, and upon the concept of latex masks.

11:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, variety is the spice of life! XD It'd actually be a little worrying to be working on games like The Insanity ALL the time...is it at all scary for you to think up all those designs and situations and the main couples' psyches?
Even Stephen King takes a break from horror. XD

That'll be interesting to see in the future. So do you plan to always have it with "sane man being tested by the insane", or have you ever teased the idea of one of Friendly's mindwarped creations as an Insanity protagonist? I'm not saying the current formula is stale(nor should I assume that Nathan will be treated like Peter or Firstgame!Friendly, honestly...sorry), it'd just be interesting to see the mentality and how Friendly treats the creations he has under his control beyond cannon fodder for those he's testing. ^^


Yeah in fact it is a little taxing to go deep into the world of Dr.Friendly and company, there's always one or two nightmares that lay in wait but it goes with the territory. Besides, what lies at the base of any story worth telling is the characterization, so you have to go there. If Friendly had been nothing more than a typical B-movie psychopath who kills for naught but leisure there'd be hardly anything riveting about him. But being that he was once a kind and caring doctor warped by mental disfiguration (brought on by a crash crash) it gives him a little more depth. His tragedy also gives birth and victimises the character Tracy Takaki -who obviously being somewhat driven to mental sickness herself- is compelled to follow the man she once loved to the very end. What starts to happen in the first game is Dr.Friendly's inner sub-conscious trying to bring him back to reality.

In a third game (set after part one) he will once again slip back into madness and this is where the character Nathan Langdon steps in. As he seeks out his missing brother Peter (INSANITY II), he will also become another hapless victim drawn into the Friendly world. Like I've said the game will explore the concept of silicon/latex masking and also intelligent vivisects who are able to go out into the world incognito. So in a way it'll still play with you, who's a friend and who's an enemy? And are you really Nathan Langdon? Yikes I think I'm giving away too much here. Sane man being tested by the insane? You bet! the game's not called 'THE INSANITY' for nothing, lol, and believe me, stale or not the story for the 3rd game is already much formed and will definitely keep you guessing right until the end.

About the other stuff-

Sadly it seems that these kind of niche games don't really fit the 5-minutes-at-lunchbreak medium which is Flash, and financially it's actually more rewarding just to whack out something quick and satisfying. So unless something magical happens like winning the lottery or somebody asking me to write an 'INSANITY' movie script I'm probably going to have to spend a year or so just throwing the bones sponsors want for quick'n'dirty $$$. Gotta pay the rent.

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On 6:03 AM , Anonymous said...

It's not The Insanity without Friendly as the Chessmaster, so it's not surprising that he's returned to his old self. I feel kinda bad for his sane-self, though.
So was it just a slip like a coat coming off immediately, or was there a fight for sane dominance or am I being too romantic? XD If I may ask?

Ooh, the third game sounds like it'll be fun indeed. The mask concept really does like it'll up the paranoia, and the first two were already filled with that!

I'm not trying to say it IS stale, I'm sorry if I offended with the idea.

Ah, I see.
An Insanity movie would be awesome, though, if it could exist. XD

On 2:34 PM , EvilKris said...

Yeah he's a on a Sylar-esque switch, aware of what's he's doing but he's a junkie to his impulses. Then some days he's almost back to normal.

Insanity movie? Wow, dream come true that would be. I might write a little script and post it up here on the blog for a laugh. See where it goes.

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