ASTEROIDZ - I mean :-)
Use the mouse to drag them around. Fingers crossed they'll fit well into the game without slowing up the FPS too much.

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On 5:05 PM , Sawgirl said...

dude,u wouldn't believe who I saw in my dreams.I saw Dr Edgar Friendly in my dreams.he looked normal,and his brother was there also.
I was his student,and I needed help with any sort of medical classes,since he's an expert in medicine and stuff.Then one day,we went to a block class in Pathology class,and u wouldn't believe it.He was there!He showed us how to "cut" a human being for medical study and research.When I got back home,I saw morbid children,staring at me.They all had shattered pentagrams on their foreheads.not of Stan,dammit.But of something else.they had symbols smeared on their foreheads,and as I could of recalled it,the symbols spelled "Vlaew"
I was so confused with it,and I ran as quickly as possible.I ran into the bus and there I saw a car crash accident.It happened and there I saw.Edgar Friendly,was lying there.Staring at me with those cold eyes.I got out of the bus and I ran towards the accident.I told the policeman that I am his student and he agreed to let me through.When I saw him staring at me,he started to shed tears as he looked to the right.I did that,and I saw his brother.lying dead on the ground.There were a lot of glass on him.when I got to his brother,I saw that there was blood all over him.Then all of a sudden,he grabbed my leg and I saw what he is today:Project K." I looked at him in the eyes,and I saw anger and revenge in his eyes.I froze and I heard him growl at me.He tried to attack me,but I managed to escape,but then I accidentally bumped myself on a guy.It was Edgar.he smiled at me and he said that u are next.I screamed and then...I woke up.
I noticed that it was all a dream.
So,Kris.What does that all mean?

On 11:03 PM , Anonymous said...

Think it means lay off the caffeine :-)

On 1:07 AM , Sawgirl said...

uh,I don't drink coffee.And I wasn't asking u!!!!I was asking Kris.since he's an expert in this kind of sh*t!

On 9:04 AM , EvilKris said...

Look guys don't turn the blog into a circus, SawGirl lol interesting dream.
For 'INSANITY III' the first scene is kind of an interactive driving game that reenacts the accident they were involved in. Sets up the story and such.
Man, I'd love to start working on that game, wrong medium though, no money for it in Flash. Next year.

On 9:50 PM , Sawgirl said...

thank u.I know it's a very interesting dream.Uh,driving game???will there be action?XD

On 6:13 AM , Sawgirl said...

Hey Kris.I have been playing The Insanity 2 for a while,and there is something that is bothering me.How hold is Edgar???There.The most stupidest question of all times.Plz,answer me that question.