Design notes for the new game.

*Start off with your ship basic firing abilities.
*Each enemy destroyed gives credits for buying better weapons.
*4 levels and 4 bosses.
*Earlier bosses will be doable without anything but skill but later bosses will literally be impossible without the correct combination of bought power-ups.
*Each time you clock the game it gets progressively harder.
*Random *super* enemies will appear. Normal enemies that are a special colour and much tougher/faster than others of the same ilk however they will give a fat credit bonus when destroyed.
*Some variety in enemies during later replays.

Est.finishing time, 2 months from this post.

Comments (6)

On 2:14 PM , Sawgirl said...

y'know I should help u with the In sanity 3...but in the mean time,finish your Roidz game.I know it will be awesome...Oh,and u haven't replied on my last comment about asking Edgar's actual age...C'mon...tell me.For Christ sake.I have a lot for the game,and I only came up with that..srsly...
Anyways,how's your life?

On 7:10 PM , EvilKris said...

Sorry I thought I did.
He's late 40's.

On 5:21 AM , Sawgirl said...

he's late 40's?:O
How can Tracy love that guy???How is it possible???

On 3:37 PM , Sawgirl said...

hey Kris can I ask u a question,if u ever make the insanity 3,can u plz input my OC???check it out here:

On 5:43 AM , EvilKris said...

I *might* throw in a vivisect that is a cat and female amalgamation. Won't be quite as cute and cuddly as your design though.

On 4:22 AM , Sawgirl said...

Kris..It better be cute and cuddly,because I worked 2 days on that.And if she doesn't become an ally to Nathan,and then she kills him,I swear that I will make ur life miserable!!!! body pressure is kinda low...Don't know why,so,I'm a little aggressive today..
oh,and u haven't replied on my question about....HOW COME TRACY LOVES A GUY WHO IS IN HIS LATE 40'S,BUT HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY RINKLES....Does he go on face liftings???