Was perusing through some old book shop here in Japan and came across this book of old Art Deco illustrations courtesy of Bela-Gyula Krieger, a long dead Hungarian animalier artist of the LOUIS XV Period. One look and I instantly thought of how well these would go in for The Insanity 3, ooooh yeah :-)
Best thing about these are since they're over a hundred year old they're totally permission free - as the book says, and as such are ok for use in games. I've a few hundred pages of these amazing awe-inspiring pieces, everything from Toad Daggers to Crocodile Eye Brooches. It's totally the stuff of dark fantasy, perfect for games. I'm even going to base some of my spacecraft design for the latest game I'm working on (still haven't named it).

You can bet your ass Edgar Friendly would have loved these too and yes, you will see a few of them crop up in the third installment of The Insanity series.

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On 11:53 PM , Mihai Sorohan said...

1 - WOW !!! third installment of The Insanity series
2 - Drawings look good, as in "good for Insanity"

On 6:02 AM , Sawgirl said...

I bet that this is the reaction Edgar had:"Oh...my...gosh...the Pictures..they're so...so...inspirational...It's like I'm seeing my new edition of vivisects.I'll do it!"
And Tracy would be all like:"Uh,Edgar darling,wouldn't be impossible to make a creature that looks like the one in the book?It's a little awkward,but yet,there is a scale of 1 in a 100000000 that it would die after advanced surgery.:T"
But then Mihai would be all like:"Sawgirl,I think your over reactive imagination for mind reading is out of the charts.There's no way that u would ever read his mind."
and I would be all like:"Mihai,STFU!!!
and then U will be all like:"Guys,don't turn my blog into a circus.Please."

Oh,and why didn't u reply on my last comment?

On 10:09 AM , Anonymous said...

cos it was a stupid question, probably

On 4:28 PM , Sawgirl said...

HEY!!*throws a bucket of trash at u*
That's not funny.I'm just asking a question.Don't make me come up there,and shove my claws up ur...

On 3:26 AM , EvilKris said...

Thanks. You too.