Lots of badly drawn images glossed up to look 10x better in Photoshop. The technique behind all this isn't exactly magic. I've used some Japanese comic books I have to appropriate the correct anatomical structure of the organics in each image (angles etc), also good shading, then I used the same blending transparency techniques used in 'The Insanity' games to get an even more realistic look to the texture and detail. I fill in the smaller bits myself; faces, cloth patterns, backgrounds. Ends up looking like I'm some wonderful artist but in reality I couldn't draw this half as well without having some ref comic strips to copy from lying in front of me at all times. Maybe it's the same with all artists, who knows? Not much different than people drawing themselves from the mirror I suppose. I estimate that at this stage we're probably about halfway done with Rebuild 2. I have to do some of the Zombie Attack animations, the ending scene art, and then who knows maybe the layout of the GUI or the main map. I've previewed the second version in it's alpha state and it's looking like a fine game- most of the complaints about the first game have been seen to, and hopefully with my art in it nobody'll be bitching about that either, unless comic gore isn't their thing?
If so one could argue why they'd want to play a zombie game in the first place anyway.