Few screenies:-

The game is currently on the market as we speak- just waiting for the sponsors to open their purse strings and the game will be out for the fans to enjoy, hopefully before the end of September. I still have to finish one ending screen animation and then I can totally walk away from this project.
Then it's back to, hmmm, who knows?
I had a craaaazy thing happen to me the other day. I'd been planning this game in my head for months, a kind of Super Punch Out game that would work on both the smartphones but also in Flash. I can cite this game Rose&Camelia http://nigoro.jp/game/rosecamellia/rosecamellia.php
as the main influence. I thought I could work that idea, maybe add a bit more functionality, some levelling-up, swap out the graphics for something like orcs and goblins, add a very cool knight in uber-stylish cobalt armour as the hero. Maybe throw in some magic potions and whatnot.
Then Sarah Northway points out this game to me. Infinity Blade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56XseC2DBB4 to me (I'd never heard of it).

Well you imagine it freaked me out. There was basically the game I'd been scheming up for ages, basically sitting there in front of me. I've had some weird synchronistic events happen to me in the past but nothing like this. That's almost too freaky for words.
Anyway, that's one idea down the toilet. Scrapped. I think they did a better job than I ever could've anyway, *chuckles*.

Other stuff

Me and the Northways have been toying with the idea of expanding the Rebuild universe. I'm thinking I might even license the game from them and build a Rebuild FPS based on 'The Damned' engine. What do you reckon? I can't think of one game out there in Flash that has licensed it's name out to other developers and built other genres of games around the same principle concept. Kind of only semi-serious about it now, but well, if it peaks enough people's curiousity then why not?


Well, I finally managed to drag myself away like the screaming crack-whore from Metal Gear Online. 3 years I've been playing that game, and it's still incredibly popular on the Japanese servers. Best record: Lvl 16 as a Shielder/Runner build. Shield is the most fun for me as it's kind of trolling in a way, it throws everyone off their game when they see a Shielder coming round the corner. Still, it's not as bad as HandGun 3 and using the Stun Gun+Shield, and then running off to leave them hammering the controller to wake up before they get shot. Haven't had as much fun as that since trolling in Demon's Soul with the Scraping Spear/Baby's Nail as an invisible Assassin Build. They don't call me EvilKris for nothing. Anyway, I am very very excited about Dark Souls, the sequel to DS, which is coming out next month. I'm not even going to play the main game, just find whatever way I can to mess up other people's games and lol myself into oblivion when the hate mail comes pouring in.

So the reason I'm off the MGO is I bought myself some new crack in the form of Monster Hunter 3rd Portable Edition for the PS3 the other day. By God, that's one addictive game. It's all in Japanese and although speaking-wise I'm fairly fluent I still can't read the Chinese characters proficiently enough to really get what all the potions do, so it's mainly total trial and error at this point. Ultimately I had to set my PS3 to run on a wired connection to get this stupid AdHoc network thing up and running, and I still can't figure out how the hell to play online with anybody. Loving the single player so far though.

Till next time, adios!