Ahhh, sheee-it :-(
The game of the decade is out here in Japan, but I can't buy it yet.
Unfortunately, I can confirm that the game (just as in Demon's Souls) has English dialogue but no English text feature. Therefore, although I can rub it in the palm of my hands and sniff the DVD box, I won't be buying the game here but alas, importing it from the USA.
I don't really have a choice. Since the game uses entirely Japanese text sets I'm stuck with waiting along with all the other poor mugs, for October 4th. And then I have to order it so it'll actually be more like mid-October when I get my dirty mitts on a version I can fully comprehend.
Talk about a drag; being able to speak conversational Japanese fine but not being able to read it without an electronic dictionary, I'm stuck in a rut here waiting along with everyone else for the English version.
I can wing it for games such as Monster Hunter, getting by on understanding bits & pieces, but no. DS is a game that must be absorbed, digested and therefore fully comprehended.

Thankyou for torturing me God.

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On 5:27 PM , leah said...

wow... i just wanna say that this article was great Sport Video i really like this. thank you...

On 12:25 AM , Chloe Fry said...

Loved playing Insanity 2! Thank you!!!

On 4:17 PM , Jaccob said...

This game is my one of the most favorite game.I spend my free time to playing this game. .It is tuff and interesting game.

On 1:40 AM , aquarium supplies said...

Maybe one of the hardest games ever made after battle toads :P

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