--I've had a better idea.
I started drawing out a proof of concept for my own 1 vs 1 battle game prototype.
Super Punch Out with blades, basically. Remember I talked about it before on here? Yet after accidentally discovering Infinity Blade was a ridiculously similar game, I had decided to drop it?
Well, not quite. I guess you could say I'm going to give it a shot after all. Now, I have not, and will not play Infinity Blade until I'm done with this project in order to differentiate my game from that one as much as possible. I've seen IB on the Tube but have no idea about it's mechanisms or how it's structured and I will avoid it strictly in the hope that the final result of my game will be a million miles away. So think Goblins&Barbarians, not Knights. (Not a bad name that actually, hmmm, Goblins & Barbarians? Catchy, no?)

I'll be the first to admit that I'm very guilty of beginning games without having much of an accelerated concept behind them, but in this case I've actually spent a lot of time germinating this one in my head and in fact there has already been constructed a rough prototype in AS3 using placeholder graphics. It's a very simple yet fun game already in it's seeding stage, and since I'm getting the old feeling in my balls that this one might be a winner I've put the insects and Martians one on the backburner for the time being.

I'm trying to work with my strengths. I'm a passable coder but being modest I couldn't in my wildest dreams code a 3d engine from scratch. I've come to the conclusion recently that I'm probably a more novel artist than programmer, and henceforth I should not waste time scratching my head coding physics engines and instead rely on myself to focus on more artistic natured games.

So no screenie for now but as for this game imagine this: Bold, chunky, eye-grabbing graphics that will look enticing in screenshots and alone will pull in a few players. Mouse action for movement or (with click drag) weapon hack&slash, double-click for a dodge roll. I'm definitely going to be less clandestine about the development of *this* game as I was with Rebuild 2, so expect a zillion demo's to be making an appearance for your kind perusal here in short time.

A kind of 3rd person Barbarian fighting game. And yes, there will be decapitating heads, you can bet on that.

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