Seems like Rebuild 2 is fully done and dusted, it's up for bidding over at Flash Game License as we speak, creating quite the buzz with sponsors, who are throwing out some pretty substancial bid numbers at it. ETA for the game going 'live' as they say, is probably somewhere around the end of September and of course, if you're an FGL developer/previewer etc you can get an early glimpse of it and even *nudge nudge wink wink* write a nice review and post it there.

Some of the design I worked on is there in the form of the customised characters, but the bulk of it was for the animated endings, all of which were mammoth tasks, hand-drawn, scanned, modelled in Zbrush/3DS whew, you name it, and later coloured in Photoshop. Oh and btw for the art fans; I'm planning some time later this month to add an illustration gallery to the blog, so keep an eye out for that.

What's next? Right well, I figure I'm up for making a quick little game as a run up to Insanity 3. The theme is- get ready for this- Giant Alien Hornets Invading Martian Cities.
All came a dream I had the other day. I was being attacked by persistent green wasps that I couldn't fight off. I woke up thinking, wow, now there's the next game! Also, I can't remember clearly but I once saw an amazing picture - I think it was an Ian Miller - which featured giant wasps attacking terrified people shielded below a glass dome, rapidly cracking under their attack. A very inspirational sketch. I've also been reading The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury which lead me to think why have Humans vs Insects when you can have Martians vs Insects and invent a bunch of cool, futuristic weapons and leave the door wide open for creativity?
More on that next post. Thanks!

Personal Stuff-

With the recent release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (MHP3rd) over here in Japan coinciding nicely with the Rebuild 2 wrapping up I've been plugging away at it online like a good little game addict should. It's done wonders for my kanji reading and item-related vocabulary, though I'm not quite sure how 'Ancient Bone' could fit into a regular conversation over here. I will certainly enjoy playing MHP3rd until I've gotten all the best weapons, but as online experiences I have to say I feel Metal Gear Solid 4 still pips it, and I just KNOW Dark Souls is going to kick the game into the ground like a frail pup.

Anyway, S50 is where I usually am- it seems like the common room for foreigner players, so if you see EVIL_KRIS_YD room in there, don't be scared to jump in if you see me there.

What else? I recently saw a nice flick called The Human Centipede. I won't bother with the plot (watch the Tube vid). The storyline is somewhat similar to the one in my Insanity games, meaning yes- I thoroughly enjoyed this incredibly twisted, morbid and entertaining movie. I particularly liked the casting of the Dieter Laser, who played the most impressive piercing-eyed loony I've seen since Klaus Kinski in CrawlSpace.
Only a matter of time before they make a story about a psycho stitching animals and humans together and posting vids onto YouTube right? *sigh*
Till next time!

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