Phew! Well I have basically blown the first month of Insanity 3 development on escalating my Zbrush/3ds max mastery. Definitely approaching an intermediate level of skill with both programs now.

I'll add more to this post later on when I have a minute to type, watch this space!

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On 7:12 PM , Sawgirl said...

wow...he looks evil...way eviler than dr friendly himself...anyways, The Insanity wikia is growing out well..well,it is...and I hope u at least upload a demo version of this, because...I'm not going impatient, I'm just trying to figure out the plot story for the page me and Connor are working on.
if u want to see it,here's the link:

On 7:12 AM , Anonymous said...

It's Charles Bronson!

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