Shoot, you know I really aimed to finish my last game 'Sunken World' before this weekend, because on Monday I leave for a long (20 day) journey around the island of Shikoku. Since it's kind of a backpack pilgrimage, I'll be away from my pc until early June. Major bummer, but I've at least put together a bit of a YouTube vid for you guys to get a teeny taste of how 'Insanity 3' is coming along.

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On 5:07 AM , Sawgirl said...

hey..Kitty here. Just to remind you that The Insanity wikia is growing well. We have some more wikia contributors coming along, and editing stuff for us...sadly,nobody can't wait for the Insanity 3!!!I know,i know...they're too impatient.except for me,who is a bit curious,yet holds the grudge against the lust of curiousness. Anyways, good luck on your trip.I'll inform u on the changes when u get back.

-Kitty Friendly

On 4:32 AM , Anonymous said...

i can't wait. i have a idea for a vivisect for the game, sorry if it's too late
and a close up

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