Hi there, seems like I'm always repeating this, but apologies for the long absence. 

I circumnavigated the island of Shikoku by bicycle. Took 20 days, therefore I was away from the PC for quite a while. If you're interested in seeing a mad journey of me and my friend on a bike going around the 1400km diameter of the island you can find the vids on my EvilKris YouTube Channel. 

At present I'm trying to wrap up my latest game 'Sunken World'. It's almost 100% done, however it went through some playtesting the other day and got some mixed feedback, and therefore it's going through some more revisions. Tuning up the firing system. Adding enemies, sound effects. Gotta get that gameplay tight and max out the fun factor. It should be done by mid-July at the latest I would expect. 
I'd love to release a demo but the game is already far too undergone- yes there are thieves out there but my bigger worry is that sponsors won't want to advertise on a game that has already been put on the web at a  near complete stage. Maybe I'm just paranoid, I don't know. 

After completion what's next? *shrugs* - I've a mind to experiment with the past two games I mentioned on this blog on previous posts. One of them is similar to Infinity Blade, and I've had some new concepts for that one pop into my head recently that I think would really work on Flash and for a mobile phone conversion. I like that the game could be coded rather quickly and wouldn't require a ton of art assets. I can see it being instantly addictive too. 
The other game is the swordplay brawler. I'm still dying to make a good beat-em-up. Even to this day I haven't seen a Flash fighting game that can top Dad 'N' Me, and call me overconfident but I'm sure I can whip out a game to challenge it. It would be bastard of the old Amiga game 'MoonStone' with the gameplay of 'Streets Of Rage'. Biggest problem? This game would require a lot of art- most brawlers do, and of course, there'll be no converting it to the smartphones with all the button mashing you'll need- maybe the Ipad?. But we shall see, I'm still ambitious. I can also see this game doing well for fighting fans- and there's a lot of them out there. 

Of course in the meanwhile I'll be working on Insanity 3 in drips-and-drabs. I know the Insanity series has some hardcore fans; I get mails from you all the time, and I truly appreciate that some of you seem to rank it up there with your favourite online games. It makes all the effort in making the games worthwhile. Unfortunately, love alone doesn't always pay the bills, that's why I'm working on games right now that are quicker to develop and more likely to gain a wider audience. It's business thinking; there's the financial side of things to consider when coding games. If you just code blindly, without considering your sales, you end up broke like old Uncle EvilKris here. What fans sometimes don't realise is what games really are are advertisements- to the sponsors, anyway. The sponsors don't 'sponsor' because they love the game, and the job of a games developer (in the Flash world) is to help a sponsor drive traffic to their portal. Therefore if you have a great game, lots of players, hit the NG front page, it's win-win. Money and fame. But usually those games are pointed at the majority players. Lots of kids playing them. Girls. it's hard to debate whether or not spending 8-9 months developing a classified niche horror game-  especially when you know of some smartass games that were developed in 3-5 weeks - hell, sometimes 5 DAYS that made a few grand. Get my drift? 

Even worse is developing for the smartphones. You get to make the game you want to make, but if you fail you get zero. You might spend a year making a game that is fun but for some unknown reason falls straight off the App Store chart. Think of a boyband that has no promotion. 
Anyway, I'm glad to hear Rebuild 2 is doing great on the iOS, congrats for Sarah Northway.- she couldn't get all of my animations in the RAM-challenged Iphone but some of the art remains. Go ahead and download that baby! 
My point is bear with me waiting for that game, don't nag me about it unless you're planning to put a few thousand dollars in my PayPal account, lol. I would work on Insanity 3 for free, if I could afford too. I  promise it will come out some day. I'm just saying it would help to have a couple of quick'n'dirty hit games to push things along before I can get back to it full-time.   Thanks!