My newest game Sunken World's is now weeks away from being finished. It's been through a multitude of revisions, and frankly I'm not sure if it's a good game yet or not- I wonder if the developer ever does. At least it looks quite magnetising visually, has a good story and compliments my fetish for quick-action shooting games. I'm done with schmups now, any games I release in the future with either be horror/zombie adventure games or beat-em ups.
What to work on next is the question? Insanity 3 is ALWAYS on my mind, yet I know it won't make zip in terms of sponsorship money, so it's fallen back on my 'to-do' priority list. I will work on it on weekends consistently, and we'll see what progress happens as the weeks pass.  The good news is that I will be releasing regular demo's of the game so that I can get feedback from you, the fans, in regards to what you think of it's progress, unlike before when I would show maybe 1 demo alone before release.. Limitless effort will be put into getting the game out one day, but finances have to be the top of my agenda for now. Or at least if I can't make a hit game I should be creating some mini-games that can be coded entirely within a few months, not 6 or 7- the duration 'The Insanity' games take.

Anyway, here's a little DARK SOULS inspired prototype for you to have a chuckle at: