Day 5: 

OKAY, so here's an update to the new mini-game I've entitled 'Angry Girlfriend'-- Basically the story is about a guy who get's so sick of being nagged to death about being a broke loser that he goes on a 4 level the rampage. 

My wife asked me-
 'Is that anything to do with me?' 

No dear, of course not.  I'm elated that you feel you exist on this Earth to give me a hard time.

 Anyway, I thought with this game I'd explore my comical side for a change. 

This is a first level demo- needs maybe some variety in the enemy types or a couple of hazards, no dialogue yet, but even so it's good enough for a start- and even features 'PADGE THE INSULT BUM' as the end of level baddie; an extremely rude homeless guy who loves to incite passers-by with revolting and vicious comments. His special moves include throwing sardines & cats from the trashbag at you, whistling for his mutt, and a spinning rotten gut fart attack when you've reduced his health to below %50, and he's just dying for you to beat him lovable. 

Feeling pretty good about this game already, which is an auspicious sign. Geez, maybe action games are the way to go after all, should've followed my gut.

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