OK, so first some news: 'Sunken World' is complete and on the market for sponsorship as we speak. Early reviewers have given it a 7/10, not the best score in world (thought it was worth an 8 at least). Still, I'm happy with it- the game runs smooth, and utilizes a lightning-fast linked-list particle system that was quite an achievement to code. It's fun to play IMO, so who knows how the general public will react. 

I did have one major issue though prior to releasing though due to a mysterious  game lag glitch, that kept appearing after uploading it to a server and viewing it online. We found out that it only occured in certain versions of Google Chrome. I spent days thinking it was a bug and trying to isolate the issue- only to discover that it was a known complication with the actual Pepper-based Flash Player that's inherent to the Chrome browser alone. In other words it wasn't a coding bug at all. Sucks. But ah, at least it's good to know. The dude here always stays positive. Anyway, hopefully Sunken World won't be another turkey like 'Chronicle' which was, err, a chronical failure, making $0.06 a day for me as we speak on MochiAds (woohoo!). Yes, nobody is going to retire on that. Also, this game marks the last time I code a shooter. I'm done with blasting games. Daft as it sounds, I'm actually not a big shmup fan myself- I just was curious about coding one or two for the shits & giggles of it. Now that I've gotten that out of my system I'm going to focus more on making games in the genre I worship and adore, more specifically the BEAT-EM UP genre!

Yep. And with that being said, let's talk about the next project I have in the pipeline. 


Or more precisely, a remake. Or even more precisely, a remake with alternate sprites and a tweaked fighting engine to the 1988 Irem arcade hit. I can't just clone the game entirely or it'll never sell- but a tribute with a couple of extra attack moves, yeah what the hell. Fans of the original will enjoy it, and I'll get the smug satisfaction of knowing I did a remake of a fav game of mine as a kid.

As you can see, the new strategy I'm adopting here is to do more 5-minute lunch break style games until I start making the cash to get onto bigger things. Games that are fun for a few minutes. 
No more 5-8 month development times with these things, I'm done with that. I'm also feeling that the market is moving away from online games and more into mobile. Sponsors know that the big bucks are from throwing their lot in with the guys that are doing iOS games with microtransactions, and diverting too much of my time into games that might not be worth anything in a year or so is a bad idea. 

But don't worry, I'll finish Insanity 3 for ya, if nothing else. I'm working on it from time to time. Slow and steady on that one. 

As for work on Vigilante, it's been 3 days in. Here, have a chalkman preview. No real sprites in there yet. 

This time I'm going to allow you guys to see the work-in-progress (WIP) on a regular basis. Feel free to leave feedback. I'm certainly not against the idea of implementing some new concepts, and you come up with something fun enough. If I do you'll get your name on the credits. 

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