Not much to report today. Started a bit on the Insanity level for Angry Girlfriend. Play it here. Flying kick works a bit better now. It's now also possible to be grabbed by an enemy, and you can use the LEFT/RIGHT keys to wriggle free.

Started spriting the main character a bit for a laugh-

Last but not least here's a look at the Insanity 3 first screen (very rough)

Sunken World has not gotten any bids yet, Gah!!


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On 11:11 AM , Anonymous said...

Greetings to you, I have and do greatly enjoyed the Insanity Games, very well done. That said have you ever heard of Psionic? He is a game designer much like you, maybe you two could bounce ideas off each other for ideas. (Or for my own twisted ideas of co-work a horror game of massive size.) Either way he is a good artist like you and you might like the works. this is the link, use it if you wish. - Madame M.

On 3:25 PM , Kristian Dunlop said...

I checked out his stuff. Yeah his art is out of this world, eh?
Not sure how to go about a collaboration but he's on my radar. Cheers for the link.