This is where I'll be posting the artwork for 'Insanity 3'-

The prettiest guest room in the world

It has been a busy early November week and I've had almost no time to spend on the games. Also had put a chunk of my time into making a couple of flyers for a club-owner friend who threatened to take away the free beers I get every time I visit his bar if I don't help him out. I did however start spriting the new game, Angry Girlfriend, or Nagging Wife or whatever I'm going to call it. Check it below. Nothing much has changed gameplay-wise but you can see I've started the spriting process on the main character. Not the best artwork in the world I'd quickly agree, but it still took ages to do. Feel sorry for guys who have to do that all day long, and I'm glad I can hope between coding and spriting on my own projects.

Next up is 'Insanity 3'. As I have mentioned, I'm working on the game at the weekends. So here's what I roughed out last chance I had.

It's a demo of the manual reload part of the game. I wanted to find a way to add extra tension when you get into gunfights, and suddenly thought it would be fun and kind of original if you had to actually reload the gun yourself. I can see people getting all panicky and messing up the reload- kind of like real life, right? But not to worry, they'll be a duck-hunting practice zone in the game for people to sharpen their skills. --------------------- And as for other news, tomorrow November 6th is my B-day is tomorrow. 35 years old. Emphasis on the 'old' part. Ouch.